This is my precious collection of "Collectors' Feedback".

I am happy and proud that ALL my collectors by  now are happy with the quality

of my work and services provided.

Here are some examples.


Image sent by art collector Mr.Paul O'Brian showing my painting displayed in his home.

Image sent by art collector Mr.Paul O'Brian showing my painting displayed in his home.

 Mr.P.O'Brian owns 13 of my original paintings and this is his comment : "I just wanted to share with you the nice look and originality and happiness that they bring to my home.

I thought it would be nice for you also as the artist of these beautiful pieces to see them as the finished article in their new surroundings. I'm happy you like them and I'm very happy too."- January 2016.

Customer's visit on 06.06.2014

" I find few artists that in these times ...really touches me......Carmens work so compellingly accurate in mood it just holds me.!  (Allen Lehman)"

Customer's visit on 14.03.2014 :
   "Your Follio hummmms with creativity and such masterful depictions of the human experience.. We are all souls- spirits driving our bodies.. You capture this essence at its core.. Namaste .. Cheers Steve"

About "Lovers - Secret Rande Vous" : 

Visitor's testimonial: "Magnificent painting!  Red, indicates hot passion, everything here is in tune…an ideal colour to use. I just ‘love’ the way you paint hands and faces.  The expressive hands... grasping/yearning/wanting/needing. Their faces are so incredibly ‘passionate and serene’…it makes me believe in the story you are depicting here…of two lovers being totally lost in one another’s arms…"


Date: 15.02.2014

Subject: commission, size 24”x33”, charcoal and acrylics, "Lovers – Chris and Trev”

Hello Carmen

We've just opened the painting and we're delighted with it, its exceeded our expectations.

We're extremely proud to have a piece of your art in our home.

We can't thank you enough and look forward to buying more of your work in the future.

Chris and Trev


About "Movement" - female nude painting

Hi Carmen

Movement arrived yesterday, my and girlfriend immediately fell in love with it, yet again. We are proud to own another "Carmen Tyrrell original". We absolutely love it x

Mr A Sall- On 6 Jun 2013


Hi Carmen.

That's  me received them all now. thank you very much, as usual I am very happy with them the 1st 5 are at the picture framer’s and “Lovers In love With You” is already on my newly painted wall and looks very impressive also looking away is on the wall too, I love this one its very rich and striking. It’s nice of you to say I have good taste and I’m thrilled to own what you personally describe as some of your best works. I will keep an eye on your gallery and hope you will hear from me again.

Again thank you so much Carmen

Take care, Paul ( collector of 13 of Carmen Tyrrell's original paintings and drawings)

On Mon, Jul 1, 2013


Hello Carmen,

I must say that i love "all" the artwork. All seems living, passionate, romantic. Really amazing. Keep up

the artwork and always eager to see your new paintings.

Good luck.


About Speckled Light1:


I'm sorry (in a way) that I haven't replied very quickly. Speckled Light 1 arrived as you said, just as I

wasleaving the house, but I had time to tear the wrapping off and absorb it quickly. I spend a lot time at

 work so I have been enjoying it slowly since then for a few days. As always with your work I'm very happy

to have it in my life. What a thrill to get something so appealing from a well trained artist without having to

go to a gallery.  Thanks.

 A.G. (June 2012)-regular collector of my art


Carmen,(about "Passionate and Mysterious3")

What a magnificent piece! I am still in shock and awe from the unpacking experience. 

I am having the piece framed over the next few weeks. I will be sure to have a photo taken and sent to you.

Warm regards,





Hello Carmen

I received your artwork ( Blue Moon) safely on Friday. It's beautiful & I can't wait to frame it.

I will keep watching  your work & contact you directly to purchase -

I'm already contemplating a couple of pictures!

Many thanks for next day & signed for delivery.




Hi Carmen

Just to let you know ‘Curves 12’ arrived in this morning and I am absolutely delighted with it …

it’s stunning! I thought it looked amazing on the internet but when I unpacked it and saw it in reality

I was blown away by how powerful it was.

I am planning to hang it in my bedroom and relish the idea that it will be the first thing I see every morning.

Your talent it truly outstanding and I will definitely be a regular visitor to your website.

Best wishes,



Hi Carmen,

Thank you, the picture arrived safe and sound – it really is lovely, I am sure my father is going to love it as

much as I do.

With best wishes

R.E. ( Curves14)


Hi Carmen,

Your art arrived and it's amazing. I love the 2 colours you've used for the body. The subject is both

appealing in it's simplicity and depth. It cannot fail to capture a feeling or a thought. I truly look forward to

 your next works.

Kindest Regards from a very satisfied customer



Hi Carmen

 I'm looking forward (not back) to receiving the pictures. You are a very talented artist.

(01.04.2010-Coquetish & Looking Back)





Hi Carmen, the works have arrived, they are all so stunning I cannot begin to tell you how happy my wife

 and I felt as we opened each one. Each one is a true masterpiece and you are a brilliant artist. The yellow

works are something else, its like they are being lit up even when we see them in the night under low light


thanks so much and we look forward to many more in the future.

kind regards

S.Engineer ( collector of 28 original paintings and drawings by Carmen Tyrrell)


Hi Carmen, a true masterpiece even my wife says so. Very powerful and it almost seems as if there is an

 impending storm via the light entering the room. Once it hangs up I could write a lot about what I see and I

am sure many could interpret a hundred different moods from this work

S.E.- 11 September 2008


They are absolutely stunning Carmen. I love the sepia pastel work, it gives a new dimension to your art. The

life of Jesus is a great subject and certainly better than the passion of Christ which is much been used in the

past. Thanks and you have a great weekend too.

S.E.- Fri, Oct 31, 2008


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